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  • Competency-based educational programme prepares individuals for employment in specific career areas.
  • Competencies are employer-centric and hence based on job requirements.
  • Instructional techniques are student-centric and are based on student learning modes and styles.
  • This dual has resulted in student academic success without lowering required employer-based standards.
  • All students are tested frequently to determine their level of competency. Any deficiencies which are found are corrected.
  • Self-esteem is earned by achievement, not just given out to make everyone “feel good”
  • This method is to be contrasted with conventional educational programs, which are “institutional-centric” where delivery methods are not flexible and competencies are infrequently reviewed by the Industry.


Graduate who graduates enjoy a high placement rate within the industry.


The main targeted group will be our own members throughout Malaysia those who are more than 18 years old. Most of our members and member’s children are SPM Leavers without proper results in SPM. Most of them are without proper credits in most of the core subjects such as Maths, English, Bahasa Malaysia and Science.

We are targeting this group as skill based employee who will show their interest in doing of the job rather than learning the theory and concepts. Partially because of the poor command in English and Bahasa Malaysia. We are estimating more than TWO THOUSAND members and members children will participate and pursue further studies in various sectors.


  • In the past and till now we have had good relationship with Industries to absorb our students for industrial training after their 2 years of studies. Students would be in the industry for a period of 6 months.
  • Students who had successfully completed our programmes never found a problem to seek employment as the curriculum was very much industrial-centric.